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During my 23 years of service in the Army, I experienced many back injuries. In 2017, 3 years after my retirement from the Army, I injured my back on 2 separate occasions and was immobilized. I sought out
Dr. Binner’s help and he treated me. I had been seen by Army Chiropractors but never have I had the results I did with Dr. Binner. In some ways he was able to give me my life back. His adjustment techniques were extremely helpful, but more so is the education that he has given me.
Jason Shaw

I have been going to Dr. Binner since 2008. He is very knowledgable and has helped me with my autoimmune issues since then. He has also helped my daughter with her ear infection when she was young and with her eczema as she got older. One of the things I love about Dr. Binner is that he truly cares about his patients and listens to them. He will make suggestions based on test results and even educates you on how to do things yourself. I highly recommend Dr. Binner as a trusted practitioner because he always has your best in mind.

Joyce Garcia

I met Dr Binner in late 2015 after seeing five other doctors that year including spinal surgeons, physical and occupational specialists. To my frustration, no other doctor was able to provide a diagnosis for the extreme pain and discomfort that I was experiencing throughout the body and especially the lower lumbar region. My first interaction with Dr. Binner was outside his practice after having listened to his presentation on functional medicine and a holistic approach to improving health and wellness. I will never forget the words he said to me the first time we spoke about my struggle and frustration with trying to solve my health challenges that no previous doctor was able or willing to help me resolve. Dr Binner said to me, “I will not fail you and I will not give up on you”. This is when my journey began and over the next several months, Dr Binner provided excellent care, advice, exercise routines and nutritional education that has allowed me to overcome the extreme pain and has empowered me to maintain a more vital and healthier life by focusing on basic fundamentals. I am forever grateful for Dr Binner’s positive influence in my life and I continue to apply the fundamentals that he taught me for a healthy and vital lifestyle.

Juan Casas

I recently learned that “to be healthy, you must be fit; but being fit doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy.” Since health is a state of complete physical (exercise and nutrition) AND mental well-being and not simply the absence of disease, I’ve learned the importance of a holistic approach to wellness. Some also say that emotional and spiritual well-being should be integrated into that approach as well. While I certainly have a long ways to go in all of these areas, I attribute much of my knowledge about these matters to Dr. Craig Binner. He’s been a guiding force and a true inspiration in matters concerning health and wellness.


Highly Recommend!

Dr. Craig Binner is an amazing chiropractor and overall health advisor!  After years of daily pain, which I felt was just a result of college sports and older age, I reached a point where I could not tolerate the daily pain and joint aches as well as overall fatigue.  Additionally, I had gone thru cancer treatments and the ongoing treatment added additional aches to my joints as part of the ongoing medication.

My first visit, I was extremely skeptical, as I had only ever gone to one chiropractor before in college and the experience was awful! I was extremely pleased!

Dr. Binner takes time to discuss YOU and your particular issues, concerns, lifestyle and eating and exercise habits.  Additionally, he looks at x-rays and discusses your overall health and goes from there.   He does not treat you, so that you must continue to see him 1 or 2 or 3 times per week for life, as his intent is to get your body well and able to function as intended by your maker.

Your visits will be tailored to you and your body’s weaknesses and pain points.  Along with his treatments, you will get advice for healthy eating plans, supplements that are particularly needed for you specifically and he explains and guides you thru the entire process to make you knowledgeable and able to become self sufficient and well.

Your vitality and best possible health and life is his goal!

I am now back on track to a pain free life, very limited joint pain, a good amount of weight loss and gained muscle tone to succeed in a longer, healthier life!

My daughter was terrified of anyone touching her for “popping” or “massaging” out neck pain and for her migraines.  Dr. Binner, with his gentle and knowledgeable skills, explained everything he would be doing and why and even then, took it at her pace to alleviate her fear.  He was able to with only a few treatments, eliminate her headaches.  She has not had one since her last treatment and that has been over 3 months.

We all go to the Dr. when we are physically ill, but never consider our bodies need for muscle and bone care as part of that regiment.  Pills are not the answer to everything and Dr. Binner’s holistic approach and overall treatment, takes into consideration what our bodies need most – nutrition and changes in sedentary lifestyle.

If you really want to get on the road to life long health, you must consider including Dr. Binner as part of your team!

Pam Barnett

My name is Judy Thureson and I was a chiropractic patient of Dr.Binner when I lived in Texas. Dr.Binner not only helped me with my chiropractic needs but also helped me with my nutrition and overall health. I was able to lose weight even though I had thyroid issues, get rid of insomnia, had more energy, and overall felt so much healthier due to his advice and care. I totally recommend Dr.Binner!

Judy Thureson

Dr. Binner has been a tremendous influence in our family’s health. My wife suffers from chronic migraines that have been greatly relieved thanks to Dr. Binner’s advice and treatment. My daughter was treated by Dr. Binner following a car accident and recovered with no ill-effects. Personally, I have received great advice from Dr. Binner on numerous occasions that have allowed me to continue a very active lifestyle into my 50s and hopefully beyond! Dr. Binner is the best!

Dave Hooper

Craig was extremely helpful and insightful on how to achieve a wonderful and healthy body, not only did he teach me how to lift weights the proper way he also points out what type of exercise to stay away from to avoid injury. He also has a strict diet plan to live a healthier life. It’s the whole package, his body says it all.

JC Villanueva

Craig has been a great doctor and friend.  He takes as much time as needed with his patients, helping identify natural alternatives for health challenges.  In addition to chiropractic care, Craig uses functional medicine to help people live fuller, healthier lives.  In my case for example, I had battled high cholesterol for nearly a decade, trying low fat diets with whole grain breads and exercising 3 times per week. It simply would not drop, and I basically resigned myself to using statins.  Craig encouraged me to try one more thing and change my diet from grains to paleo because my body may be reacting to some properties of grains like gluten.  Guess what my Cholesterol dropped from 220 to 180 using the same exercise regimen. I was truly shocked that in my case it was a reaction internally that was releasing excess cholesterol.  Craig can help find solutions for you too.  I highly recommend him!

Chris Brewster



Whether you’re looking for a complete lifestyle change or simple tips to take your wellness to the next level, we’re here to help you in any way we can!

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Whether you’re looking for a complete lifestyle change or simple tips to take your wellness to the next level, we’re here to help you in any way we can!