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Give Your Body the Royal Treatment by Uncovering the Root of Your Digestive Symptoms
Say goodbye to the confusion and overwhelm about your chronic digestion symptoms and finally have peace of mind.

“all disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates

When people are suffering from various subtle or not so subtle symptoms like bloating, reflux, gas, loose stools, constipation, it is clear that your digestion is compromised. What is the cause or causes? How did this come about? Am I just doomed to have to take medications to control the symptoms? Why am I feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired? No matter what the causes, and by the way, there can be many, what is to common the case is that your gut has likely become compromised and has led to what is now considered “ LEAKY GUT” or intestinal permeability. In essence, you GUT/intestinal barrier has as a result of many factors, including an imbalanced lifestyle, loss it’s optimal integrity and maybe allowing toxins, pathogens and partially undigested food particles into your bloodstream. The result is an inflammatory cascade compromises your health and presents with undesirable symptoms.

What are the causes of the break down of our gut? The consumption of inflammatory foods like dairy, gluten, sugar, processed foods is big factors. Other conditions such as SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), fungal, yeast, candida, parasitic infections, constipation, gallbladder dysfunction, stress, diarrhea, and common food allergies can be contributors to intestinal permeability. As you can see, there are many factors. It is of utmost importance that via a methodical process, these instigating factors are all determined and proper lifestyle modifications made to allow your GUT to heal and assist in restoring your quality of life again. Hippocrates knew this how many years ago? Wow, what a wise man!


Conditions That may Benefit From Our Program


Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), is often a byproduct of a bacterial infection further up in the digestive tract that’s snuck its way down to the small intestine and causes mischief, resulting in bloating, pain, gas, food intolerances, and more. Testing can be a beneficial way to identify what bacteria are present and what steps need to be taken to restore function across the GI tract so that bacteria stay where they should so you can recover.


Gluten is like the evil stepsister in our food chain today, especially for those with autoimmunity, IBS, and IBD, and can leave behind party pooper symptoms if you’re not careful. Gluten sensitivity and Celiac disease can be detected through functional lab testing, and with this information, I can help you not only adopt a gluten-free diet and lifestyle, but pinpoint exactly what parts of the wheat plant to avoid. With results in hand and a plan in place, you can know with confidence how to eat to feel better and know the reason behind symptoms that often stump conventional practitioners.


Food sensitivities can be frustrating to detect since symptoms can take hours or days to show up, leaving you confused as to what you’re actually reacting to. Treating food sensitivities is an area our Registered Dietitian, Stefani, loves to educate clients about. She is a certified food sensitivity specialist using the Mediator Release Test (MRT) to identify food triggers causing gut imbalances. She walks clients through the elimination and reintroduction process step-by-step, helping pinpoint all the foods you can eat and optimizing nutrient rich diet as well as guiding you through a gut healing protocol. This gives you the best chances of healing from food sensitivities and enjoying a delicious diet long-term.


Being told you have IBS or IBD can be frustrating because they’re vague diagnoses that leaves you with many questions. By running functional lab work, we can pinpoint what’s triggering your IBS or IBS (e.g. parasites, bacteria, yeast, heavy metal toxicity, Lyme, hormone imbalance or sluggish liver) so that we can craft a SPECIFIC plan to remove what’s irritating your body and restore it back into harmonious balance. Or, if you have gastritis, GERD (acid reflux), diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, nausea, fissures, and so on, there are many natural interventions that can not only subside symptoms but address the root of the issue so you can go from fearing food, married to the bathroom, and waking up in pain to at ease and free to live your life.


Crohn’s Disease can present itself anywhere along your digestive tract and can feel like an overwhelming condition to get under control because of that. As an inflammatory bowel disease and autoimmune condition, treatment is rooted in first identifying what the trigger of irritation and inflammation is via functional lab testing, removing those triggers through natural interventions, and leveraging food and lifestyle factors to support anti-inflammation and ultimate recovery. We’ve worked with many clients to bring their flares into remission.


I’ve personally overcome ulcerative colitis and between my own experience and extensive training, I now guide clients down a similar path so they, too, can achieve relief and remission. I take a root-cause approach to healing UC by running functional lab tests that uncover why you have this condition or what is triggering it. From there, I guide you in implementing a healing diet unique to your body’s needs, reduce inflammation, gently remove infections, address the mind-body connection by minimizing stress, and much more. I know what it’s like to have UC and to be in a flare and it’s one of the deepest honors to help others with UC overcome it.


Candida, h.pylori, Epstein Barr, parasites…you name it, between the two of us we’ve seen it all. Advanced stool testing can detect the presence of infections that can reside not only in the digestive tract but deep inside other organs that most conventional tests aren’t equipped to detect. These infections can be linked to conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, Type II diabetes, leaky gut, obesity, atherosclerosis, Celiac disease, psoriasis, Crohn’s Disease, histamine intolerance, and more. By identifying the triggers of these conditions, you can begin healing your body at the root of the issue. This is the functional nutrition approach at its core.

Right now your body is at war and you have no idea why. You can’t eat anything without an unwanted reaction…

You can’t get through a day without bloating, pain & brain fog dragging you down…

You feel like a stranger in your own body and have no idea what’s happening…

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