Natural, nontoxic living! Sounds great right? You want the best for your family but where do you start!? It can be overwhelming at first. Do you need to throw away everything in your house right away? Maybe in a perfect world.

In this blog I’m sharing the steps I personally took on my own journey toward a healthy, natural lifestyle. In fact, I’m still working towards a few of these!

1.Clean up your cosmetics

This one’s for you ladies. I love makeup but I’m in the process of switching everything I use over to a more natural regimen. I made the decision quickly after learning about the harmful ingredients in conventional products and their effects on our skin, and detox system! Our skin absorbs up to 60% of anything we put on it. This means we have to process these harmful ingredients which puts unnecessary pressure on our liver to work harder. Over time this can lead to health implications, inability to detox and make us feel lousy!

2. Choose clean produce and meat

It’s a no brainer we shouldn’t be eating fried chicken on a daily basis or highly processed meats like hot dogs or nitrate filled lunch meat. And you’ve likely been told to try to eat organic chicken or grass-fed beef, but one look at the price tag on these higher quality items and you think “eh it couldn’t make that much of a difference.” Well I’m here to tell you it does! Conventional animal products are filled with things like antibiotics and synthetic hormones that disrupt our own hormones and gut health. Additionally whatever the animal consumes, you consume. For example if a cow is fed corn and you have a corn sensitivity you’ll likely have trouble!

3. Rid your home of artificial fragrance

Aerosols, fragrance sprays and candles.. Put them where they belong, in the trash! Don’t get me wrong, I’m no stranger to burning candles especially in the fall, but I’ve switched to more natural ways of “freshening up” the house. Using things like essential oil diffusers has both health benefits and makes the house smell delicious!

4. Avoid processed vegetable oils

Organic plant based oils like olive oil, have many benefits to our health. However it is essential that processed vegetable oils such as corn oil and canola oil be avoided at all cost. These oils are high in inflammatory trans fats that contribute to heart disease and other health issues.

5. Switch out your cleaning products

It makes me cringe thinking about spraying and wiping down my home with synthetic chemicals. I have two pets, my dog Winston and cat Zoe, I started to think twice about what I was using to clean the floors while watching them innocently lick their paws. They might as well be EATING chemicals! I’ve ditched my grocery store cleaning supplies for an essential oil based all-purpose cleaner. I use the same spray bottle on my countertops in the kitchen, on the stove, in the bathroom and to wipe down, well everything. It’s a bonus that everything smells like christmas and lemons!

6. Natural laundry routine

I’m a sucker for clean, fragrant smelling towels and clothing! In a past life I was obsessed with those scent enhancing “beads.” Unfortunately I learned that synthetic chemicals can be endocrine disruptors and can completely mess up your hormones!  Now I’m using laundry detergent with fewer than 5 ingredients that gives me the same deep cleaning results and smells amazing. I get comfort out of knowing there are no synthetic chemicals in my bed, on my towels and clothing.

7. Ditch refined sugar and flours

I see people talking about this daily on social media but it’s an important one. SUGAR is the real enemy. It’s highly inflammatory and even more addictive. I see patients daily who say there’s absolutely no way they can give up their sugar, it’s their crutch, they’ve already tried to cut it out and were unsuccessful. Well you CAN give it up. It’s hard at first but your body will thank you and begin to FEEL better because of it.

8. Reduce garbage 

This one’s more for the environment but is equally important. I challenge you to be more conscious of what you’re throwing in the trash and to consider recycling if you’re not already! Another way to reduce waste is by using reusable grocery bags instead of the plastic ones. By doing this you may find yourself more aware of what you’re putting into your own body!

9. Phase out plastic

Just like reducing garbage helps with the environment, so does reducing plastic waste. But even more, reducing your use of plastic also helps improve your overall health. Plastics contain chemicals that are endocrine disruptors which lead to hormone dysfunction and can actually contribute to weight gain! That’s right, those plastic meal prep containers your using (in an effort to better your nutrition and health) could actually be sabotaging you. Instead make the switch to glass containers. Use glass mason jars or stainless steel cups to drink out of and glass to-go containers for lunches and to store leftovers in.

Next Steps

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